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Bolognese Sauce

How to Make Bolognese Sauce Unlike garlicky Italian-American “red sauce,” a true Bolognese sauce is seasoned with restraint. What makes the sauce is simmering it with the combination of milk and white wine, which makes it smooth and tenderizes the...
Chicken and Olive Sauce

Chicken and Olive Sauce    Olives are used extensively in Southern Italian pasta sauces, and they add robust flavor to this sauce made with healthful chicken and many fresh herbs. SERVES: 6-8PREP: 15 min.COOK: 3 slow cooker. Ingredients 2 tablespoons olive oil 11/2 pounds...
Beef and Sausage Ragù

Beef and Sausage Ragù This sauce is the epitome to me of what I want to eat on a frosty winter night. The combination of rich beef and flavorful sausage is the ultimate comfort food. It’s also excellent topping polenta. SERVES:...
The Paleo Recipe Book


Here are some tips for fitting your dough and everything that you need to know to make good Pastry When making pastry, chill hands first...
How to make Rustic Cranberry Cake

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