Thai Beef Salad Recipe

Today I’m sharing with you one of my favourite meals, Thai Beef Salad. This Thai Beef Salad Recipes is an extremely quick and easy salad recipe to make for dinner or lunch. It’s healthy and full of vegetables. It has an amazing fresh tastes because of all the fresh herbs and lime juice and tastes just like summer.

ServingsSERVES: 2Preparation timePREP:  15 min.Cooking timeCOOK: 12 min.

How to Make Thai Beef SaladIf you did want to make this a vegetarian recipe you can easily cut out the steak. Feel free to use any other type of meat as well.

So if you are stuck for quick and easy dinner ideas of healthy recipes then give this salad a go!

Recipe from our friend Carstina you can see all Ingredients here